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Structural glass

In the most recent and significative architectural building it has started to  the use of the “glass” not only as a covering material, or as an external worth facade, but as material that is able to have even load bearing capacity. This is possible thanks to the huge progress of the research made by glass industries in the last past 10 years, that made possible to overcome, at least in part, the problems that glass was having as a structural material. Its application, anyway, is still rare, due to its negative point, the fragility, that nowadays has been only reduced, but not enough to guaranty a use in large scale of this material. One more reason that doesn’t permit a development of this material, is the low capacity of designer to calculate and design structures with structural glass. The calculation methods are in fact still under research in the academical world. From a seismic point of view, the use of the glass still remain a solution pure theoretical, and its use is only directed to support vertical loads. Considering an architectural point of view, instead, it’s surely able to give to building worth characteristics, and its application can only grow.