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Solid wood

The use of solid wood trace origins far away in the past, in fact solid wood is known as the first material used by humans to build their houses. Wood, as a material, traditionally with the name of solid wood, is obtained cutting trees logs, and used as a structural material for structural elements like beams. The use of this material is limited by the dimension of the logs available. The logs in facts are formed by strains, disposed in a principal direction following a non –regular disposition, that united to other natural defects (knots…) gives to the material an uncertain characteristic that infect the resistance of the material. For this reason, solid wood, intended as a structural material, is used only in modest buildings, principally residential houses and when required for architectural needs. As already described above, the use of this material is not adapt in seismic areas, where horizontal forces are then absorbed by other load bearing structures like masonry or reinforced concrete structures that support the building. A different behavior has the structures so called “log-houses” wholly realized by solid wood logs, and platform frame structures, that has a great behavior in seismic areas.