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Reinforced concrete is a material widely used in civil and industrial constructions. The reinforced concrete, formed by concrete, as a mix of cement and inert of various dimensions, and steel bars, is a material extremely versatile, using the tensile resistance properties of the steel and the compression resistance of the concrete. The possibility of using the two material together is founded on the principle that both deform at the same way. The use of the reinforced concrete began far away in the past. Even Romans used it widely, by the name of betonium, (the pantheon is one of the most magnificent existing examples). In the modern times, the use of the reinforced concrete sees its first applications between the XIX and XX century, approaching in Italy in the 40ies. Immediately after the second world war, it’s most common material due to two factors: cheapness and availability of each material that compose it, united to the facility of the use, making possible the realizations of every architectural forms, simple and complex.