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The FOSD Engineering put its basis of its products on the quality of the proposed services and on the continuous research of innovations in the architectural and structural fields, with particular attention to the materials research. The modern approach of the design is the only way to face a sustainable structure and harmony with the environment. The FOSD Engineering has always been marked for the effort to realize sustainable structures, built with traditional materials as wood, rivisitated in its actual and technologically advanced shape, to offer the maximum in terms of energy saving and living quality. Developing an high quality design, today, means to create a synergy among all the professional profiles that are involved in the project, starting from a preliminary design and finishing to an executive design; for this reason the FOSD Engineering has in his configuration the professionalism and knowledge, in order to cooperate bringing all our know-how. We truly believe that this “modus operandi” is today the only way to face the complexity and high grade of specialization that each field require, and, at the same time, the only way to give an high quality design. The Studio has the right know-how to face the structural design in any type of structures, respecting all the National building laws and European standards, and in compliance of the traditional/ non-traditional materials, developing a sustainable and energy saving building. The Studio FOSD is then even partner with important companies that work in the timber area both in Italy and abroad.