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Glue laminated timber
Glue laminated timber, or known also as engineered timber, is the modern review of the solid wood, and studied to overcome the problems that forbidden the use of timber in large scale structures. Glue laminated timber is the union of a certain number of boards, united by glue, obtaining a material with certain resistance properties, having eliminated all the natural defects, and not limited anymore by dimensions of the logs for the beams. Nowadays glue laminated timber hold an important role in the construction world, with its widely use and characteristics. This technological innovation has permitted to enlarge  the production of new elements, once  restricted only to beam parts, today in fact exist on the market bi-dimensional components (plates and slabs) known al Xlam or CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). Even old timber building systems has been reviewed like the log-house and platform frame technologies, enlarging their use to bigger and more efficient structures, considering its properties like lightness, high deformable capacity and great seismic behavior.